Clitoris and male equivalent

Clinical Manual of Sexual Disorders. Female Genital Mutilation. Genetic studies have revealed that females have an XX genotype and do not have any translocated Y-linked genes. No thanks. Morphometric and Vascular Modifications of the Clitoris. It wasn't until the past few years that I realized the blue balls phenomenon is actually a real thing. Dr Deborah Lee , Online Doctor and Pharmacy Doctor Fox's sexual and reproductive health specialist, explains what, how and where to find you clitoris: What is a clitoris?
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Fetal Development: Your Baby’s Sex

During weaning, decreased prolactin, lack of mechanical stimulation through suckling, and changes in osmotic balance caused by milk stasis and leaking of tight junctions cause cessation of milk production. We can now clearly see that the clitoris includes two shafts crura which are actually about 10cm long. The perimetrium is the peritoneum covering of the fundus and ventral and dorsal aspects of the uterus. When developed enough to survive outside the womb, the cervix dilates and contractions of the uterus propel the fetus through the birth canal vagina. These organs differentiate into the respective sex organs in males and females. The walls of the vagina are composed of soft elastic folds of mucous membrane which stretch or contract with support from pelvic muscles to the size of the inserted penis or other object, stimulating the penis and helping the male to experience orgasm and ejaculation, thus enabling fertilization. As one of the transcribed genes, Wnts secreted from mammary epithelial cells act paracrinely to induce branching of neighboring cells.
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single word requests - Male equivalent of "Vulva"? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

When the lactiferous duct tree is almost ready, alveoli are differentiated from luminal epithelial cells and added at the end of each branch. Clitoroplasty is the surgical creation of a clitoris in transgender women, or restoration in the case of procedures reversing the damage caused by female genital cutting. PS Since "vulva" belongs to technical vocabulary, I tried to use technical vocabulary in my answer instead of common parlance or slang-words. It is a diamond-shaped area on the inferior surface of the trunk which includes the anus and, in females, the vagina.
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List of related male and female reproductive organs

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Description: The labia minora are two soft folds of skin within the labia majora. Vulva : Labeled image of a vulva, showing external and internal views. During sexual arousal the vagina expands in both length and width. The ovary is an ovum-producing reproductive organ, typically found in pairs as part of the vertebrate female reproductive system.

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